Nostalgia series – 2 – Bangalore..


When you say Bangalore, a frame of vivid images pass through your mind screen. As we zipped into the stylish silhouette of Bangalore from Chennai, we saw many bike-riding couples, clipping past the four-wheelers and merging into the brightly-lit highway. Among the many images that pop up when you think of namma Bengaluru, are the pretty girls in their figure-hugging tops and jeans, the stylish guys also  in figure hugging short tops and jeans hanging fashionably low, elderly couple taking a slow walk down a silent lane, lined with trees and flowering plants, the bursting colours at the Crawford Market, the old charm Mavalli Tiffin Room that makes gulab jamuns like shiny brown orbs oozing sugary syrup, the ubiquitous vegetable markets that sell fresh produce that look oh-so-colourful and fresh, the buzzing, heaving Commercial Street, the stylish Brigade road and the all-important M G Road….the list gets longer every year we come back after our visit to this city which we have made our home city now.


There are certain elements which have disappeared as well from the list. For example, the elderly couple walking down a silent lane lined with shady trees is fast vanishing. Some places like Basavangudi, has shady trees as also the 100 feet road in Indira Nagar. But the Basavangadi shady trees line a street that is narrow even for a rickshaw. This busy and traditional locality which has homes that are 100 years old, has retained its charm of being a lively residential pocket. If you want to see the Bangalore of 60s and 70s in feel and look, Basavangudi is the place. There are some minor additions that have happened here but by and large the old charm remains. Another place that oozes vintage is the MTR.

  Indira Nagar has 100 feet road and trees lining it but due to the heavy demand arising out of locational advantages, many lovely palatial villas have sold their property to commercial outlets who do roaring business which means wealthy shoppers who need parking space. So there ends the ‘elderly couple walk’.

Every time we do Bangalore, there are certain places we do not miss, come what may. First has to be the Commercial Street followed closely by Brigade Road. Among the many street side splendours that we splurge into, are the ripe guavas split into neat sections exposing their pink flesh that is liberally sprinkled with red chilly power and salt, ripe mangoes seasoned the same way, corn on the cob grilled in open flame… ahh the pleasures of jaywalking the Bangalore streets…..

The malls in Bangalore have a character of their own and we like Garuda’s character. Not that we do not like Forum in Koramangala, we love that as well.

A trip to Basavangudi is a  must – as we love the atmosphere at the Bull Temple. A hustle-bustle of activities always….a short walk after the Dharshan at the Doddaganapathy temple, takes us to the Kamat restaurant at the corner of the road. Another relishing experience.


Some of the other brilliant restaurants, more on the fine-dining side are Tandoor in MG Road and Ballygunge in Indira Nagar. Love their food and ambiance.

The ISKCON temple here is a must-go place as well.

Tamarind Tree may not sound like the place that it actually is. Thanks to my niece who had her marriage here acquainting her aunts, great aunts and uncles and grand uncles to a beautiful serene place, ideal for a classy wedding.


The aunts, uncles, cousins and nieces and of course nephews are the other (and more important) components that make my Bangalore sojourn so very nostalgic.


So, they, come next in my parade!



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