IPL superstitions – new edition

ImageAye aye…jumping japang….jampak…seems to be doing good rounds. Personally I like it. I tried dancing and would have continued but for the laugh-riot enacted by Avaanti and Adit. With kids like these you dont really need enemies.

I read somewhere recently that SRK believes in bringing his cute and unassuming daughter Suhana for KKR matches which will ensure for sure a KKR victory.

I dont know if that’s a proven thingie but I do love to see SRK and his team of pretty entourage, mostly his female co-actors and adding a drop more of prettiness to the coterie is Arjun Ramphal. 

And Shilpa till last year believed in not giving any sound bites as it might make RR lose. This year she has also brought her cute son for the IPL matches.Going by RR success this time, he might well turn  out to be Shilpa’s Suhana.


Poor kid, looks lost but sure was enjoying time with his grandma, aunt, mom and dad.

We are sure that the coming days will see a lot of new superstitions unravel.

Have you noticed, black amulets hanging explicitly from the players’ necks…aye aye, thats also part of the success formulas…



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