Aiye….Pi ..Yell!!!!


I love IPL!

I hate test cricket.

Therefore I can be relegated to the status of a cricket-polluter …I guess…

Yesterday’s IPL  match re-affirmed two things:

That SRK is a great dad…

And his kids were too adorable and untouched by starry arrogance…

Well the third point could well be, how Deepika can  take the ‘thunder thighs’ title from Sri Devi….

Well done KKR…..

A further few points:

Gautam Gambhir to join the Angry Birds brigade

Angry Birds considering renaming themselves ‘grumpy birds’ if Gauti decides to join them…

KKR cheer leaders have the same shape like Kallis…sAD…

Unmukth went before he came….the boy is good for ads….!

Bret Lee – the new Shoaib Akthar….

There’s one h….y babe in Extra Innings cheer team….did you notice?



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learning forever. if blunders are learning curves in one's life, my life is one hell of an adventure journey!
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