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OMG! ROFL!!! Advertisements

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Adventures of an engineering dad – part 1

Originally posted on Doing Jalsa & Showing Jilpa:
It is interesting how everyone becomes an expert in the general theory of kid management on the basis of having just one or two of them in a lifetime. It’s a bit…

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Nostalgia series – 2 – Bangalore..

When you say Bangalore, a frame of vivid images pass through your mind screen. As we zipped into the stylish silhouette of Bangalore from Chennai, we saw many bike-riding couples, clipping past the four-wheelers and merging into the brightly-lit highway. … Continue reading

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Cinque Terre

God’s partiality visible here….

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Today’s thoughts!

People change. They change because their priorities change. I have thought about it many times, about the ways people change… They change because they want to impress people… or they want to bring in some conscious change in their life … Continue reading

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Not photo-shopped!! Now that’s news)))))

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IPL superstitions – new edition

Aye aye…jumping japang….jampak…seems to be doing good rounds. Personally I like it. I tried dancing and would have continued but for the laugh-riot enacted by Avaanti and Adit. With kids like these you dont really need enemies. I read somewhere … Continue reading

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Aiye….Pi ..Yell!!!!

I love IPL! I hate test cricket. Therefore I can be relegated to the status of a cricket-polluter …I guess… Yesterday’s IPL  match re-affirmed two things: That SRK is a great dad… And his kids were too adorable and untouched … Continue reading

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More boy than others….

  It was one of  those days when I was feeling a little low esp since I heard stories on how boys of my sonnie’s age acted like saints – not asking for anything like pocket money everyday to buy … Continue reading

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