Bahnofstrasse – the pleasures of life, defined…


Strasse in German means street. And by no means is Bahnofstrasse just a street. It is, to put it more mildly, a burst of great shopping experience, people watching and a gentle walkathon, café-hopping, restaurant-indulging, all put together. Right across the bustling Zurich HB station, lies the very famous Bahnofstrasse, with a wide main lane that is traversed every other second by trams going up and down,  and also  by the many by-lanes where classy boutiques of known designer brands, not-so-known-designer shops, hypermarkets, boutique hotels, a pure-vegetarian  restaurant and cafes that offer affordable bites and a beverages, jostle for foot-fall – and they get it all.

At any given point of time of a year, there are sales going in at least some of the outlets here. One word about the sale here – it’s an absolutely wonderful experience. Be it hand bags, shoes, accessories, or apparels, the design factor is defined by pure elegance and sheer style.


Even on a non-sale time, it would be worth to invest in clothes that are sold in the boutiques as they are known for their time-less elegance and their long-lasting endurance. Yes, they come with an expensive price tag but that’s the price you give for a good brand and design right, ladies?

The Bahnofstresse is easy on legs since the weather ranges from cool, to cold, to extremely cold and metabolically speaking, walking does get better in colder weather.

The walk is made easier by the eye-catchy shops on either side. While summer is the time of sale and tourists, spring also heralds more people out into the street.

You could walk through the bye-lanes that stretch out from Bahnofstrasse and reach out to any place – it could be another street, or it could take you to river-quay side or to the cathedral square, but you wont be stranded nor would you feel lost. You need to get into one of those delightfully efficient trams and go to the place of your choice if you know where to get off that is, or  get back to Bahnofstrasse or to  Zurich HB bus station from where you could go anywhere – by train, tram or bus.

There are easy indicators at the bus and tram stops on the tram numbers and the direction they will be going to. You can even ask the driver of the tram to know if you are in the right tram or not. The 24 or 72 hours Zurich pass that you should buy gets you unlimited rides on tram, train or bus for that period. Just don’t forget to validate your pass before you board for your first journey.







A few shops you mustn’t miss here:

B’strasse has a couple of H&M stores, besides Coop (has everything that you would have dreamt of inventing or owning) Jemoli store (for sports items and other accessories that make you stand out)
Glob us store, Manor (another Coop-kind of multi-level store which is has an awesome array of everything), Bucherer AG (for designer watches), and an array of shops that catch your attention that sell, clothes, accessories like handbags, scarves, bracelets, chokers, belts etc. And when you get tired of shopping, the Movenpik ice-cream stall in front of Coop which is busy at any given time of a summer day, is an ideal watering hole. Or if you so prefer, there are many cafes that dot the street. You could also pick your choice of beverage and bite from the hypermarkets like Coop and assemble your meal in one of the tree-shaded rest areas.

If you are in a mood for an Asian or Indian vegetarian fare, then head to Hiltl which nestles close to Coop in Bahnofstrasse, for a tasty but expensive bite. But it’s every bite worth it!

And last but not the least, you MUST VISIT the Sprungli store. The ultimate haven for every good thing baked, ice-creams, hot chocolate and some great cookies and quiches.


And while you are at Sprungli, am sure the sight of Macaroons won’t leave you with any other choice than buying a box full of it!


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