Simple vegetarian recipes (for Tambrahms from Kerala)

On a quiet day, the yearning is for a simple yet tasty food and where else would you look than the taste-filled pages of a palakkad cook’s diary!

Of course, the easiest is what we call, mulagoolam…

Goes like this:

Butter-milk or laban as it is called in the ME lingo is the best but if you have a can full of curds, take 3 ounces of it, beat it to good thick yet thin consistency (you know what I mean, dont you?). Keep aside.

Now take a kadai or cheenachatti (remember??), keep in low flame, and when it is sufficiently hot, add til oil, (before you take the kadai, keep ready turmeric powder, crushed black pepper (5 for three fluid ounce of beaten curds) and mustard seeds. Now what happens next has the rhythm  of a symphony  – add mustard seed to the oil, as it splutters, add turmeric powder and crushed pepper and within two seconds, add the beaten curds (dont forget to add salt to the beaten curds) and immediately switch off the stove.

Ready in flat 10 mts!

Have it with hot rice…a little ghee added to the rice will add more flavour to the food.

Next, Bread Balls:

Very simble…

Take the left over bread.

Add a little water and knead it.

Add sugar, and grated fresh or desiccated coconut. Make balls out of it.

Deep fry it in oil. Voila! Tasty bread balls ready!

If you want a salty flavour, instead of sugar, add salt, a pinch of hing, ground green chillies and onion, and proceed as explained above.

Yummy! (of course, this has nothing to do with the Tambrahms.)


You get best results if you use fresh coconut.

Pick four/ five pickled mangoes, or half-ripe fresh mangoes, or a few pieces of cucumber, carrot and other veggie pieces from the Lebanese pickle that you get in supermarkets.

Add three medium spoons full of fresh coconut to this, three green chillies and grind to a smooth paste.

Add this paste to fresh beaten-curds. Splutter mustard and 1 red  chilly in oil and garnish over this.

Good on a good-summer day! This, rice and vazhakkai mezhukkupuratti is great combo.


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